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Long time no update, so I’ll try make this one interesting while I shove some updates at everyone… 

I’ll get the serious stuff out of the way first..

I’m going to be making an adjustment to my commission prices: 

Commissions will now be priced in USD 

(Except for commissions taken at conventions, which will be in the currency of the country I’m in) 

I’ve been thinking about making this switch for a couple of months now, I’ve had people message me in the past saying that they’d prefer I work in USD, and have also have had much greater interest in my work on the few tests I’ve done where I’ve used USD as the currency.

My Etsy store will continue to be priced in AUD, as unlike commissions, the cost is calculated on the screen when you’re buying. This change will ONLY affect online transactions, so that the cost is much more clear-cut for people who are interested in commissioning me. I’m hoping that this change will clear up any confusion that people have about my pricing.  

I’ll also be considering running a trial in the near future – switching entirely from PayPal to Square. I’d rather use as few services as possible to avoid confusion on my end, and at this stage, Square is the MUCH better option. I’m not 100% sure on whether I want to go ahead with it or not, but I’ll be keeping everyone updated on what the go is!

Now for some fun news:

NeonFur is rapidly approaching (yay) and I’m almost fully prepared! I have everything that I want to take either already here or in production, and anything else that I end up making before the con will kind of just be random extra stuff. 

So far I have: 

  • 2 new prints
  • 2 new stickers
  • 10 new buttons 
  • Con-exclusive YCH planned 
  • Portrait-style commissions similar to the ones I had at FurDU*

*However, these will be digital and completed post-con with option to print+send 

There could possibly be some other stuff, but I honestly don’t know yet. It kind of depends on whether I end up designing stuff during bursts of creativity ect.

NeonFur Con Badges:
Con badges are still available for at-con delivery! 

Price is $60 (AUD), and I have 8 slots available still.

Please send me a message on Telegram (@Nethartic) or email me: if you’re interested. 

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the update!
If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, if you just scrolled to the bottom of the page; thank you for visiting! 
I’ll try update at the end of every month, but I can’t really guarantee that It’ll be consistent at this stage. 

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