• $25 for one
  • $40 for two (either joined or separate)

All icons are drawn on 3000x3000px canvases and can be resized for any website (such as 100px icons for FurAffinity)


  • Flat: $50

  • Shaded: $80

Drawn on a 3000x3000px canvas and cropped to fit the final image


  • Flat: $70
  • Shaded: $100

Drawn on a 3000x3000px canvas and cropped to fit the final image


  • Bust: $120 (+60/char)
  • Halfbody: $180 (+90/char)
  • Fullbody: $220 (+$110/char)

A4 (210x297mm) 350dpi canvas, unless specified otherwise.


  • 2 view: $90
  • 3 view: $120
  • Add-ons available

Link: What’s in a reference sheet? (+add-ons)
Drawn on a A4 sized canvas (210x297mm)


  • Bust (cut out): $50
  • Portrait style: $70

Drawn on a 4×6 inch canvas/bristol board and laminated with hole cut out for lanyard clip.


  • $15 each
  • 5 for $70
  • 10 for $130
  • 20 for $240

Get a custom sticker pack of your fursona for Telegram! Stickers come cell shaded on a 512x512px canvas (Telegram size)

REMEMBER! Return customers get 10% off all additional commissions forever.*

*Discount is overridden when a promotion is for more than 20% off. Discount can be added to any other promotion under 20% off

Custom quotes are available, please let me know if you’re unsure about anything!

Rush Jobs

If you want your commission now, there are extra costs associated with it. I have a few plans available to choose from when handling rush jobs...

Priority (24 hour turnaround): 200% of commission price
Express (7 day turnaround): 150% of commission price

If you require a custom date outside of these (like 3 days, a week and a half, ect) please contact me to discuss a rush job. Any non-specified time will be assumed as my standard turnaround of 3 weeks.

Image Licensing

Image licensing options available – this is necessary for if you want to reproduce your commission or distribute it in any way. Please see this page for details.