Privacy Policy

I understand the frustration of signing up to something and then getting countless phone calls and emails for totally random services or scams. For this reason, as well as just generally not being rude, I will never deliberately give out, sell, rent or trade email lists with another business or company for marketing purposes. This Privacy Policy provides details on when, why, and how I collect personal data, as well as the conditions it may be disclosed to someone else, and how it’s kept secure.

Types of data I collect

Website cookies

I use cookies to track and understand browsing habits. I like to know things like when the best times to post content are, how long people view my content for, how many people are viewing my content, where these people are coming from, and other fun data points like that. It has never been, nor will ever be, my intent to manipulate or abuse this data. I do not collect personal information through cookies.

Google analytics

I use Google Analytics to track my engagement. Similar to cookies, Google collects bits of data from your web browser; such as country, time spent on the site, time of day, ect. Google does not give me any personal information from these data points. Really, this section and the cookies section say the same thing, but needed to be separated anyway. I do not make (or allow Google to make) any attempt to find out the identity of people who view my content.

Paid services

When you commission me or purchase merchandise from my Etsy store, I store your name, address data, email and any other contact information in a few different places. These places are PayPal, Square, Gmail (invoices, Etsy shipping information) and Google Sheets. Both Gmail and Google Sheets are part of the Google Cloud, and are protected by their native encryption system. You may purchase a commission or item of merchandise from me directly at a convention or any other organised event, without your address data being stored – however, I will generally need a name and email. Please be assured that I do not share any of your personal details with anyone else without your consent.

Third parties

The only time I will ever share any data without express consent is if required by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Even if data is shared with the ATO, it is not shared anywhere else, and may only be used to verify payment records and income data associated with my business. I am also required to give details such as name and address to postal services, including, but not limited to Australia Post when sending packages and merchandise.

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that I hold. Please email me at to discuss this further. I endeavour to answer any questions or change/delete any details that you feel necessary.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Policy will be updated as needed and was last updated on 25/05/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY)